How to perform Area Rug Cleaning process

The area rug cleaning process in a home

Area rug cleaning is similar to the carpet cleaning but an area rug is more sophisticated as compared to a carpet due to which the cleaning process demands more care and attention. An area rug is a woven piece of cloth or rug, which unlike a carpet only covers a particular area of the room of the house. The edges of the rug do not cover all area of the room and it usually covers the middle of the room. An area rug is also placed with furniture either under the table or separately in order to give it a pleasing look.

The area rug over the course of time gets dirty since people regularly walk over it or something spills on it. This begs the need of area rug cleaning in terms of removing the dust particles and cleaning off the stains. Area rug cleaning is of high significance since it can be a source of spreading contamination and promoting an unhealthy environment in the room. An unclean rug can also become a host for mold and hazardous microbial which can cause health complications for the residents. A cleaned rug, on the other hand, will present a pleasant look to the observers and promote a healthier environment.

Supplies Required for Area Rug Cleaning Process

One of the best ways of cleaning an area rug is the hot water extraction method in which hot water and cleaning agent are used for cleaning purposes. There are a number of supplies required in this process, which are listed below:

  1. Industrial Grade Equipment: There are a number of brands, like Stanley Steemer, offering industrial grade equipment for carrying out the hot water extraction process. This equipment heats up the water in its chamber. The cleaning agent is added to it for smoothly and deep cleaning the rug.
  2. Cleaning Agent: This is required for cleaning stains and removing odor from the rug. A wide range of cleaning agents is available in the market. Green cleaning agents can also be used for this purpose.
  3. Scrubbers: A scrubber is used for dislodging dust particles stuck to the fibers of the rug.
  4. Vacuum Cleaner

Area Rug Cleaning Process

Following steps are involved in the area rug cleaning process:

  1. In the first step, take the area rug in the open where it is more suitable to perform the cleaning process.
  2. Now, vacuum cleans the rug thoroughly so that dust and contaminants can be removed.
  3. Now, add water and cleaning agent in the chamber of the equipment as per the instructions of the machine manual.     
  4. Start moving the equipment over the rug in such a way that you move in stripes from one end to the other.
  5. The cleaning agent will break the bond between the dust particles and the fibers of the rug. Similarly, hard stains will also be cleaned this way.
  6. Now, vacuum cleans the rug again so that the remaining dust along with crystallized cleaning agent can be removed.
  7. Dehumidify the carpet properly so that it can be properly cleaned.

Factors to Consider Before Cleaning Your Carpet

Space to Move the Furniture

A dirty carpet is not only disgusting to look at; it can also be smelly, depending on the manners of your pets and even your kids. You need a clean, fresh carpet. How you go about cleaning your carpet is also important; if you do it the wrong way, the problem is only half solved. You have to put many things into consideration before you finally clean the carpet.

For proper cleaning, you will have to move up the furniture so that you can create space for the vacuum cleaner. If your rooms are congested, this can be a setback. Make sure you have figured out how you are going to create ample space, or else you won’t be able to do the thorough carpet cleaning needed. If you have no space to move the furniture, at least put wood blocks under their legs to prevent their stains from transferring to the carpet once it is cleaned.

Your Type Of Carpet

Some carpets are light and so will take a short time to dry up, even if first soaked in water. It is easier to wash a light carpet in soapy water, as long you let it soak. If yours is a thick carpet, make sure you do not use too much water to clean it. Such a thick carpet soaked in water may take more than a day to dry fully. If you planned to have it ready for use the same day, you might be inconvenienced. This could be a great challenge if you were expecting guests. Instead, use scrubbers with little water and vacuum cleaners to get rid of the stains.

You should also consider the carpet fibers. If they fall off easily, you should use a less stiff brush.

The Kind of Stain

Depending on the kind of stain on your carpet, you should go for the appropriate cleaning method. If your family members usually walk on the carpet with shoes, it means the carpet gets dusty much often. It should first be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust before scrubbing with an effective detergent. If you do not have pets and the carpet is not dusty, you can remove the few stains using just soapy scrubber. If the stains are too tough for regular detergents, purchase heavy-duty detergents and apply with a steam cleaner. Stains like paint or grease require this kind of cleaning.

The Weather

If your carpet takes too long to dry, it may develop moulds and even turn brownish. The more it remains moist, the more its chances of decomposing. If you rely on the sunlight, you should clean your carpet just when the weather is right. A sunny and windy day is a perfect day to clean it, for it will have dried after about eight hours. If you wash it on a rainy, sunless season, you will need to have functional dryers like the AC and the dehumidifier.


You should make it a rule that nobody steps on the carpet with shoes. The caret will then have to stay longer without the need for another cleaning.