How to appropriately perform the process of cleaning carpet edges?

How to appropriately perform the process of cleaning carpet edges

Cleaning carpet edges is one of the major problems faced by people because a lot of dirt and dust particles may accumulate at the edges in a short period of time while it might be difficult to reach these places during casual cleaning or they might be ignored resulting in exacerbating the problems in the long run. It is also observed that when edges of the carpet are not cleaned properly on a regular basis, they result in adversely affecting the overall look of the carpet and the area in which they have been installed. Therefore, we recommend that special attention should be given to cleaning carpet edges and ensuring that their look is similar to the other areas. In this article, we have explained a comprehensive process that users can perform for cleaning carpet edges at home without requiring any professional support while at the same time maintaining the household cleaning budget.

Cleaning carpet edges using a vacuum cleaner

Using a stand-up vacuum cleaner having a long pipe and a narrow opening can be most appropriate for the purpose of cleaning carpet edges because it can easily reach the depths of the area and remove the dust and dirt particles that have accumulated over a longer period. The process for cleaning the edges of the carpet using a stand-up vacuum cleaner is explained below:

In the first step, obtain an appropriate vacuum cleaner that is capable of reaching all edges of the carpet in a convenient manner. It is more appropriate to use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment because of its suitability for performing the process. 
Now, move the vacuum cleaner at all the edges. Keep the vacuum cleaner in the area for at least one minute in order to ensure that all the dust and dust particle present have been appropriately removed.
Perform the process regularly every 2 to 3 days for avoiding the accumulation of dust particles in the area.

Cleaning edges using a brush

In most households, a suitable vacuum cleaner might not be available for cleaning the edges of the carpets due to which a brush can also be used as a suitable and cheap alternate. A suitable brush can be purchased from the market depending upon the material and size of the carpet. a brush with a long handle can also be obtained which is capable of reaching the as in a convenient manner. The process of using the brush to cleaning carpet edges is quite simple and gentle rubbing can also remove the dust and dirt particles. 

Cleaning carpet edges using a cleaning solution

In the case, there are stains present in the edges of the carpet, then we recommend using a cleaning solution for the purpose of removing them. Suitable cleaning solutions such as vinegar, baking soda, and so on available at the household can be used for the purpose. In order to apply the cleaning solution, we recommend using lukewarm water which can provide appropriate results while at the same time protect the material of the carpet from getting damaged. After performing the cleaning process, we also recommend properly drying the carpet for ensuring that other negative effects are not experienced. 

How to Make Cleaning Easy When You Take a Vacation?

How to Make Cleaning Easy When You Take a Vacation

One of the things that most people miss when they decide to take a vacation is
cleaning. It does not matter where you are going or how long you will be gone.
Cleaning is cleaning and there are many things you should do before leaving.
For example, you should take care of the following list.
• Packing.
• Mail.
• Making sure that everything is turned off.
• Making sure that everything is locked up.
• Making sure that you have all the needs of your kids.
Once your vacation starts, you will not want to bother yourself with these things.
Imagine if you forgot something, you will worry about it all the time during the
Another reason to organize everything before leaving is to facilitate the process of
cleaning when you return home. Most people come home after vacations tired.
They want to have a warm shower and sink into bed immediately.
That is why we have compiled the top things to do before leaving home to make
cleaning easier when you return.

Laundry & Floors:

Laundry: Before leaving, make sure that all the laundry is done and put away. Most people just take the rest of their clothes before leaving and say that they will do laundry
when they arrive. Once you arrive, you will need to sleep for several hours or even days. Do laundry before leaving and pick up what you need.
Floors: Do a quick vacuum before leaving. You can just sweep the floors. You will see how nice it is when you come home to clean floors.

Counters & Kitchen:

Counters: It would be great if you wiped down the counters of the kitchen and bathroom before leaving. When you return and find that the counters are clean, you will be relieved.
• The Kitchen: The best thing to do regarding your kitchen is to leave it as clean as possible. Do not leave your sink full. Empty the sink, wash all the dishes, make sure that the dishwasher is empty, and wipe down all the surfaces. It is the best way to welcome yourself home when you re-enter your kitchen.

Bedrooms & Closets:

• Bedrooms: It is better to make beds before leaving. Once you enter your home, you will need some sleep. There is nothing better than your already-made bed at this very moment.
• Closets: If you still have time after finishing everything, organize the closets. When you come home, you will need to clean the home again. Having an organized closet is one of the most relieving things when it comes to cleaning. Follow these tips before traveling or taking a vacation and you will see the difference when you come home. Have a nice vacation.

How to perform pest control process at home

Performing pest control process on a home

Pest control process should be performed regularly at homes since the pests may grow and spread around the home in a short period of time. Pests are a general classification of certain animal species and insects, which affect human activity. They affect the hygienic conditions of the home and with exponential growth rates; they become a source of great frustration for the residents. Pests are a source of major concern for farmers since they can attack specific crops. They can drastically reduce the average yield. While proper pest control mechanisms are employed in agricultural fields, they are usually ignored in the residential buildings. It is, however, highly recommended to carry out pest control to improve the hygienic conditions of a building, just like after water damage to your home.

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Water Damage Categories, Causes, and Solutions

Water damage categories, causes and solutions under your house

There are various reasons due to which water damage may happen on the basis of which the experts have defined three major categories. These water damage categories vary in severity and extent of the problem they cause to the home. The causes and solutions to various categories are also different from each other. Water damage affects floor, carpets, rugs, walls, ceilings and other items in both domestic environments. It is, therefore, important to keep an open eye and performing of regular assessment tests so that the problem can be effectively cleaned and controlled in the bud.

Analyzing the category of water damage is the first thing that should be done so that the most suitable solution can be applied to it. There are different kinds of damage, which have been categorized on the basis of causing factors. We have stated three common water damage categories for the understanding of the readers.

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How to remove Soda Carpet Stains

Soda carpet stains in house

Soda carpet stains are considered amongst the most damaging since the reactive nature of the substance can affect the material of the carpet. Similarly, the stains left by soda drinks are hard to remove requiring the special and immediate attention. It is always recommended that care be taken in order to avoid spillage of carbonated drinks on sophisticated carpets but in case it does fall then the cleaning process should be performed immediately. There are a number of different methods of cleaning soda stains from carpet such as compressed steam cleaning, dry cleaning, hot water extraction etc. All these methods have their own pros and cons and the best method should be chosen depending upon the material of the carpet.

First Steps

When the soda spills on the carpet, it should be immediately absorbed with the help of a sponge, towel or any other suitable material. However, even if the absorption has been done quickly, soda will be left in the affected area. Now, there will be a need to remove the soda stain using the most suitable method. We will explain the cleaning of soda stain using water and a cleaning agent.

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Supplies Required for Performing the Soda Carpet Stains cleaning

There are a few supplies, which will be required in order to clean the soda carpet stains by yourself. Some of the supplies and their purposes are listed below:

  1. Water: In order to rinse the stained area and to apply the cleaning agent.
  2. Cleaning Agent: In order to remove the stains and carbonated elements from the carpet.
  3. Brush: For removing the stains from the carpet or area rug, which are hard to remove.
  4. Towel or Soft Cloth: In order to absorb soda and rinsed water from the carpet.

Soda Carpet Stains Cleaning Process

The process for removing the soda carpet stains is as follows:

  1. Remove as much carbonated drink spilled on the carpet as you can.
  2. Now, make a cleaning mixture of water and the cleaning agent. A non-bleach detergent with lukewarm water will be most suitable in most cases.
  3. Now, pour the cleaning agent on the affected area and gently scrub with the help of a scrubber. Keep on scrubbing until the stains start to faint.
  4. Once the stains have been removed, let it dry for a while.
  5. Now use the vacuum cleaner to remove the cleaning agent residue from the affected area.
  6. Dry the area completely so that other problems do not affect carpet.

How to effectively carry out high level access cleaning

Cleaning windows in high level access cleaning in building

High level access cleaning is of high demand since it is extremely difficult and often dangerous to carry out. High level access cleaning involves reaching out to high and usually unreachable places in residential and commercial buildings for cleaning purposes. Over the course of the last few days, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are being built all over the world. These buildings are a phenomenon of human architecture and present a captivating look to the onlookers. However, due to hurricanes, rain and other natural causes, they get dirty and stained over the course of time. When this happens, there is a need to person the cleaning process that involves the high level access cleaning.

Similarly, residential and commercial buildings where the ceilings are usually high, the cleaning process can get difficult. Unlike carpets or area rugs, cleaning attics also involves reaching the high ground to perform the cleaning process. In this situation, the cleaning process may require special care and expertise on the part of the worker to achieve the best results. It is recommended that a professional may perform the high level cleaning process.

Supplies required for performing the cleaning process at a height

Varying supplies may be required depending upon the nature of the height or the high-rise building. We will state some of the most common supplies along with their use, which will help determine their appropriate use.

  1. Ladder: In case the height is not much and it is possible to reach the top with the help of a ladder then a suitable ladder should be used.
  2. Climbing Ropes: These help the workers climb high-rise building or skyscrapers. These ropes are hooked at the top of the building and the workers can climb with their support.
  3. Safety kit: The workers should be wearing proper safety kit in order to climb the height. These safety kits may save their lives under threatening circumstances.
  4. Cleaning Items: All sorts of cleaning agents should be available.
  5. Torch Helmet: They improve visibility under low light conditions.

Tips and Precautions to follow during High Level access cleaning

Following tips will help during the cleaning process at a height:

  1. The workers should be wearing proper safety items before climbing the height. All factors should be considered before starting to perform the process.
  2. There should be proper safety measures to help the workers in the event of a fall.
  3. The ladder should be properly placed so that it does not lose balance when the worker climbs. Similarly, the climbing ropes should be properly supported at the top. The strength of the rope should be able to support the weight of the worker.
  4. All the cleaning tools and cleaning agents should be available with the worker before starting the climb, as it is extremely difficult, energy consuming and dangerous to climb the building.
  5. Weather factor should be considered before starting the climb.
  6. Only a professional and experienced person should perform the cleaning process.
  7. An individual afraid of heights or likely to suffer nausea at heights should not perform the high level access cleaning.

How to perform Area Rug Cleaning process

The area rug cleaning process in a home

Area rug cleaning is similar to the carpet cleaning but an area rug is more sophisticated as compared to a carpet due to which the cleaning process demands more care and attention. An area rug is a woven piece of cloth or rug, which unlike a carpet only covers a particular area of the room of the house. The edges of the rug do not cover all area of the room and it usually covers the middle of the room. An area rug is also placed with furniture either under the table or separately in order to give it a pleasing look.

The area rug over the course of time gets dirty since people regularly walk over it or something spills on it. This begs the need of area rug cleaning in terms of removing the dust particles and cleaning off the stains. Area rug cleaning is of high significance since it can be a source of spreading contamination and promoting an unhealthy environment in the room. An unclean rug can also become a host for mold and hazardous microbial which can cause health complications for the residents. A cleaned rug, on the other hand, will present a pleasant look to the observers and promote a healthier environment.

Supplies Required for Area Rug Cleaning Process

One of the best ways of cleaning an area rug is the hot water extraction method in which hot water and cleaning agent are used for cleaning purposes. There are a number of supplies required in this process, which are listed below:

  1. Industrial Grade Equipment: There are a number of brands, like Stanley Steemer, offering industrial grade equipment for carrying out the hot water extraction process. This equipment heats up the water in its chamber. The cleaning agent is added to it for smoothly and deep cleaning the rug.
  2. Cleaning Agent: This is required for cleaning stains and removing odor from the rug. A wide range of cleaning agents is available in the market. Green cleaning agents can also be used for this purpose.
  3. Scrubbers: A scrubber is used for dislodging dust particles stuck to the fibers of the rug.
  4. Vacuum Cleaner

Area Rug Cleaning Process

Following steps are involved in the area rug cleaning process:

  1. In the first step, take the area rug in the open where it is more suitable to perform the cleaning process.
  2. Now, vacuum cleans the rug thoroughly so that dust and contaminants can be removed.
  3. Now, add water and cleaning agent in the chamber of the equipment as per the instructions of the machine manual.     
  4. Start moving the equipment over the rug in such a way that you move in stripes from one end to the other.
  5. The cleaning agent will break the bond between the dust particles and the fibers of the rug. Similarly, hard stains will also be cleaned this way.
  6. Now, vacuum cleans the rug again so that the remaining dust along with crystallized cleaning agent can be removed.
  7. Dehumidify the carpet properly so that it can be properly cleaned.

Factors to Consider Before Cleaning Your Carpet

Space to Move the Furniture

A dirty carpet is not only disgusting to look at; it can also be smelly, depending on the manners of your pets and even your kids. You need a clean, fresh carpet. How you go about cleaning your carpet is also important; if you do it the wrong way, the problem is only half solved. You have to put many things into consideration before you finally clean the carpet.

For proper cleaning, you will have to move up the furniture so that you can create space for the vacuum cleaner. If your rooms are congested, this can be a setback. Make sure you have figured out how you are going to create ample space, or else you won’t be able to do the thorough carpet cleaning needed. If you have no space to move the furniture, at least put wood blocks under their legs to prevent their stains from transferring to the carpet once it is cleaned.

Your Type Of Carpet

Some carpets are light and so will take a short time to dry up, even if first soaked in water. It is easier to wash a light carpet in soapy water, as long you let it soak. If yours is a thick carpet, make sure you do not use too much water to clean it. Such a thick carpet soaked in water may take more than a day to dry fully. If you planned to have it ready for use the same day, you might be inconvenienced. This could be a great challenge if you were expecting guests. Instead, use scrubbers with little water and vacuum cleaners to get rid of the stains.

You should also consider the carpet fibers. If they fall off easily, you should use a less stiff brush.

The Kind of Stain

Depending on the kind of stain on your carpet, you should go for the appropriate cleaning method. If your family members usually walk on the carpet with shoes, it means the carpet gets dusty much often. It should first be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust before scrubbing with an effective detergent. If you do not have pets and the carpet is not dusty, you can remove the few stains using just soapy scrubber. If the stains are too tough for regular detergents, purchase heavy-duty detergents and apply with a steam cleaner. Stains like paint or grease require this kind of cleaning.

The Weather

If your carpet takes too long to dry, it may develop moulds and even turn brownish. The more it remains moist, the more its chances of decomposing. If you rely on the sunlight, you should clean your carpet just when the weather is right. A sunny and windy day is a perfect day to clean it, for it will have dried after about eight hours. If you wash it on a rainy, sunless season, you will need to have functional dryers like the AC and the dehumidifier.


You should make it a rule that nobody steps on the carpet with shoes. The caret will then have to stay longer without the need for another cleaning.