How to appropriately perform the process of cleaning carpet edges?

How to appropriately perform the process of cleaning carpet edges

Cleaning carpet edges is one of the major problems faced by people because a lot of dirt and dust particles may accumulate at the edges in a short period of time while it might be difficult to reach these places during casual cleaning or they might be ignored resulting in exacerbating the problems in the long run. It is also observed that when edges of the carpet are not cleaned properly on a regular basis, they result in adversely affecting the overall look of the carpet and the area in which they have been installed. Therefore, we recommend that special attention should be given to cleaning carpet edges and ensuring that their look is similar to the other areas. In this article, we have explained a comprehensive process that users can perform for cleaning carpet edges at home without requiring any professional support while at the same time maintaining the household cleaning budget.

Cleaning carpet edges using a vacuum cleaner

Using a stand-up vacuum cleaner having a long pipe and a narrow opening can be most appropriate for the purpose of cleaning carpet edges because it can easily reach the depths of the area and remove the dust and dirt particles that have accumulated over a longer period. The process for cleaning the edges of the carpet using a stand-up vacuum cleaner is explained below:

In the first step, obtain an appropriate vacuum cleaner that is capable of reaching all edges of the carpet in a convenient manner. It is more appropriate to use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment because of its suitability for performing the process. 
Now, move the vacuum cleaner at all the edges. Keep the vacuum cleaner in the area for at least one minute in order to ensure that all the dust and dust particle present have been appropriately removed.
Perform the process regularly every 2 to 3 days for avoiding the accumulation of dust particles in the area.

Cleaning edges using a brush

In most households, a suitable vacuum cleaner might not be available for cleaning the edges of the carpets due to which a brush can also be used as a suitable and cheap alternate. A suitable brush can be purchased from the market depending upon the material and size of the carpet. a brush with a long handle can also be obtained which is capable of reaching the as in a convenient manner. The process of using the brush to cleaning carpet edges is quite simple and gentle rubbing can also remove the dust and dirt particles. 

Cleaning carpet edges using a cleaning solution

In the case, there are stains present in the edges of the carpet, then we recommend using a cleaning solution for the purpose of removing them. Suitable cleaning solutions such as vinegar, baking soda, and so on available at the household can be used for the purpose. In order to apply the cleaning solution, we recommend using lukewarm water which can provide appropriate results while at the same time protect the material of the carpet from getting damaged. After performing the cleaning process, we also recommend properly drying the carpet for ensuring that other negative effects are not experienced. 

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