How to remove Soda Carpet Stains

Soda carpet stains in house

Soda carpet stains are considered amongst the most damaging since the reactive nature of the substance can affect the material of the carpet. Similarly, the stains left by soda drinks are hard to remove requiring the special and immediate attention. It is always recommended that care be taken in order to avoid spillage of carbonated drinks on sophisticated carpets but in case it does fall then the cleaning process should be performed immediately. There are a number of different methods of cleaning soda stains from carpet such as compressed steam cleaning, dry cleaning, hot water extraction etc. All these methods have their own pros and cons and the best method should be chosen depending upon the material of the carpet.

First Steps

When the soda spills on the carpet, it should be immediately absorbed with the help of a sponge, towel or any other suitable material. However, even if the absorption has been done quickly, soda will be left in the affected area. Now, there will be a need to remove the soda stain using the most suitable method. We will explain the cleaning of soda stain using water and a cleaning agent.

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Supplies Required for Performing the Soda Carpet Stains cleaning

There are a few supplies, which will be required in order to clean the soda carpet stains by yourself. Some of the supplies and their purposes are listed below:

  1. Water: In order to rinse the stained area and to apply the cleaning agent.
  2. Cleaning Agent: In order to remove the stains and carbonated elements from the carpet.
  3. Brush: For removing the stains from the carpet or area rug, which are hard to remove.
  4. Towel or Soft Cloth: In order to absorb soda and rinsed water from the carpet.

Soda Carpet Stains Cleaning Process

The process for removing the soda carpet stains is as follows:

  1. Remove as much carbonated drink spilled on the carpet as you can.
  2. Now, make a cleaning mixture of water and the cleaning agent. A non-bleach detergent with lukewarm water will be most suitable in most cases.
  3. Now, pour the cleaning agent on the affected area and gently scrub with the help of a scrubber. Keep on scrubbing until the stains start to faint.
  4. Once the stains have been removed, let it dry for a while.
  5. Now use the vacuum cleaner to remove the cleaning agent residue from the affected area.
  6. Dry the area completely so that other problems do not affect carpet.
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