Archive | January, 2019

How to remove Soda Carpet Stains

Soda carpet stains are considered amongst the most damaging since the reactive nature of the substance can affect the material of the carpet. Similarly, the stains left by soda drinks are hard to remove requiring the special and immediate attention. It is always recommended that care be taken in order to avoid spillage of carbonated […]

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How to effectively carry out high level access cleaning

High level access cleaning is of high demand since it is extremely difficult and often dangerous to carry out. High level access cleaning involves reaching out to high and usually unreachable places in residential and commercial buildings for cleaning purposes. Over the course of the last few days, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are being built […]

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How to perform Area Rug Cleaning process

Area rug cleaning is similar to the carpet cleaning but an area rug is more sophisticated as compared to a carpet due to which the cleaning process demands more care and attention. An area rug is a woven piece of cloth or rug, which unlike a carpet only covers a particular area of the room […]

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