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Aide Monsell, the coordinator of the prayer fraternity "Visitation" in Ireland, is happy that the movement has spread through the country and now has more than 300 members, including priests and nuns. Her testimony is touching, real and documented. She tirelessly testifies her devotion to the Lord and always returns to Medjugorje to thank Jesus and His mother for the recovery, as well as the prayer fraternity which kept her in their prayers for recovery. She shared her testimony with the readers of "Glas mira".

- The experience of pilgrimage was completely unknown to me before 1994. However, suddenly I've felt a need to visit Medjugorje that I've heard so much about. That's how it happened and soon I've found myself in Medjugorje, where I wished to meet fr. Jozo Zovko. After arrival in Siroki Brijeg, I've entered the church of Ascension of Blessed Virgin Mary with intent to pray. The sight I've witnessed was magnificent. The church was full of people praying with fr. Jozo. After the prayer, people exchanged at the altar speaking in Croatian language that I didn't understand. Finally, it was a turn for a lady who spoke English (later I've found out it was Peg Fennel from the USA), giving a testimony about workings of prayer fraternity "Visitation", recommending it for inclusion in prayers, stressing the importance of prayer in spreading the fraternity beyond the USA and Bosnia and Herzegovina!

I've felt I could bring the prayer movement to life in Ireland as well. Thanks to God, many people had recognized in their hearts the need for such fraternity and had responded to the call of the Queen of Peace!

Unfortunately, in March 1995 something terrible happened. I was diagnosed with the breast cancer and doctors scheduled an operation for the early June. I've told them it wasn't possible, because I wanted to be in Medjugorje with all my heart. Doctors have accommodated my request and postponed the operation for a week. I've confided with my prayer friends who promised to pray for me. Love and compassion I've seen in their eyes gave me a new strength - I was sure those people and the fraternity would be Simon of Cyrene on my way of the Cross! At the end of the programme, fr. Jozo prayed individually for each one of us and in that moment I felt blessed. Later, I've climbed without difficulty on the Apparition Hill and Krizevac. I've returned from Medjugorje to Dublin with a new hope, trusted my pain into Father's and Mother's arms, believing to be protected in Their arms. The day of the operation has come, but I felt no fear, I knew that my prayer family was spiritually connected with me!

It was interesting to watch astonished faces of the doctors, who tried to find a way to explain the futility of the operation. Because during the operation they haven't found a trace of cancer, even though it undoubtedly existed before my visit to Medjugorje. In that moment I was conscious of mighty God's deed that has just happened in my life! That knowledge changed my whole life and since then every single moment of my life is testament of gratitude to God's love. I can truly prove the plausibility of Our Lady's message saying that prayer makes miracles!