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The shrine of the Queen of Peace attracts more and more pilgrims each day, regardless of newspaper headlines and statements about Medjugorje phenomenon. Many arrive with great deal of pain and problems, but leave with joyful heart. Especially when they see this is reality, they become Our Lady's witnesses, just like happened to Dr. Branka Majdancic from Slavonski Brod, a mother of 3 grownup children.

Dr. Branka is very forthcoming and observant person who likes to help everyone. Even though she was raised in the spirit of faith, she spent her life only in work, neglecting family and friends until the cross appeared in her life. Then she decided to attend the Mass and while listening to preaching, her heart started opening to God.

- One morning when I went to church, the priest mentioned in his preaching something no one dared to say before: "Is it a lot that Our Lady of Medjugorje asks from us to fast on Fridays on bread, water and seven Holy Fathers?" When he said it, I really felt mercy in the air, the same one that can be seen on the picture of Merciful Jesus. I was so touched that I started crying instantly. This was the day I made a decision to visit Medjugorje. Wherever I've heard people talking about it I gathered information and started mentally preparing for the trip. In February 1982. I arrived in Medjugorje. Later I went to Medjugorje every month, so I had completely changed my way of living. The following years my staff in hospital couldn't recognize me, and some couldn't understand it.

In my age of 42 I found myself in quite awkward situation - I became pregnant not even knowing it. The problem wasn't my age nor two grownup children, but high-risk work I was doing with X-ray machine and danger that comes with it. In another circumstances I wouldn't give birth to this child, but knowing what terrible, unforgivable sin it was, I decided to have a baby. With birth of little Marija, now healthy and grownup 24 year old girl, a blessing entered my family. It was a really large temptation for me.

Everything Dr. Branka learned in Medjugorje, she continued to implement daily. She prayed and went to holy mass. She was an example to others. In the meantime, war came and she couldn't visit Medjugorje so often.

- During the war I worked in hospital and must say I had never experienced a dangerous situation, even when going to work through the city while bombs were falling everywhere. My son was at the war front and I lived my life normally, like he was at home with me, because I had so much trust and faith in knowing Our Lady guards him. What Medjugorje gave me no one could give and I'm happy for it.

With the growth of her faith, she started turning more to Jesus and less to Our Lady. She was sorry about that and she said to her: "Our Lady, don't be mad!" Later she heard that was normal because Our Lady returns attracted soul to Jesus and when it's perfected, Son returns it to Father. She started visiting Medjugorje more often because Medjugorje gives her strength for spiritual growth. During her visits she hasn't experienced anything extraordinary. But something happened that will later help her in life, and this is what she witnesses.

- During the pregnancy I went blind on the left eye and none of my doctor colleagues couldn't tell me what caused the bleeding. In those moments I was so calm that in my prayers to God I was thankful for seeing at least on the other eye. A few days later I decided to take a specialist examination in Zagreb. Half way to Zagreb, near Novska, I had a sight back. Surprised, I closed my healthy eye with a hand and realized I can really see like before. Until this day I have no problems whatsoever. There is no medical explanation about this sudden healing. I wasn't having any therapy, all test results were okay and no doctor knows why it appeared or how complete recovery happened. I know, though, it was Our Lady's deed.

Mrs. Branka remembers the days working in hospital. Almost all of the patients had a rosary or a medallion of Our Lady of Medjugorje next to them. While doing rounds checking patients, she herself had a custom of giving medallions to patients, and they appreciated the gift, especially in prayer.

- A very ill patient died with medallion of Our Lady of Medjugorje in her hands. She had such a peaceful expression on her face that I can't describe, nor can't be understood by everyone, only one who experienced it like I did.

- I remember my first arrival in Medjugorje while there were no hotels or inns. A woman came to us and asked us if we had an accommodation, which we didn't, and she invited us to her home. Later we became good friends. This old lady was providing us and sometimes even the whole bus, with a free accommodation for years. We are immensely thankful to her. We made a lot of friends during our visits to Medjugorje, among others the families Ostojic and Sivric.

Mrs. Branka remembered an event that happened 9 years ago when her husband and daughter Marija accompanied her to Medjugorje. They collected a pile of stones from the Apparition Hill and put them in the car. On the way home, they forgot to take the stones out of the trunk. On the road to Sisak, while waiting at the traffic lights a youngster crashed into their car. At the first moment she thought she should have taken an old car, not the new one, but after they got out and inspected the damage, they couldn't be more surprised. Their car had no damage, while youngster's was completely smashed. Her husband opened a trunk door to see if it works and then slapped himself in the forehead, surprisingly showing her Medjugorje stones. They looked into each other and all was clear to them.

In Medjugorje Dr. Branka hasn't seen anything but spinning of the cross, like everybody else. The most important of all was her conversion, support, giving herself and her family into God's hands. Even today, after all those years, the fruits of Medjugorje are so obvious in their family. She looks at Medjugorje with gratitude, Our Lady of Medjugorje is everything to her. She believes everything she has experienced in life was Our Lady's great gift.