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In Medjugorje we've met a larger group of pilgrims from Podravina, who visit this holy place at least twice a year. Among them was mrs. Katica Kisicek who was doing pilgrimages since the beginnings of Our Lady's apparitions. She's visited more than 50 times. On her birthday, July 27th 1970, she moved with her husband and two sons from Croatian Zagorje to Botinovec near Koprivnica. Thanks to Our Lady and husband's health, they managed to pay off the mortgage for the house and afford the second one as well. In 1981 in Botinovec she gave birth to her daughter and now are a large family, with sons having three children each. Husband and children go to Medjugorje at her incentive and she tries to encourage the rest of family and friends to go on a pilgrimage as well. She believes that Our Lady had spread wires around the world and it's time for people to get closer over her heart.

- I can't live without Medjugorje and while my legs can walk, I must go there. When I step out of bus at Medjugorje's ground, everything becomes different for me. I appreciate each stone and flower. People of Medjugorje followed Our Lady, opened their hearts to pilgrims and their immense love can be felt. I remember our first pilgrimages as being submissive. There was no water for drinking or refreshing and if we couldn't find a place to sleep, we slept under a tree or around the church. Nowadays it's much easier for all visitors, new and old. Everything is rejuvenated and we all feel satisfied. If we look back, it wasn't less worth to our heart. Our Lady is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In the year 2000 I came with pilgrims and stayed for 2 weeks. It was my huge wish. It was indescribably beautiful. I was even writing a diary about that special visit in Medjugorje. At times I thought I would quit, or lack courage, but it was actually the opposite. Three times I climbed barefoot to the Hill of Apparitions and the Cross Hill as well. The less I had eaten, I was more resistant and there was more mercy. Day by day everything became better and more beautiful. I wanted to feed myself with mercy of Medjugorje, not with a spoon or a fork. My diet consisted of bread and water only. And this lasts Wednesdays and Fridays for almost thirty years.

Here in Medjugorje everything radiates with special love that can't be found anywhere else. I've had an opportunity to see a phenomenon many times. I'll never forget one Sunday of 1986. At 10 A.M. instead of the cross on the Cross Hill we saw a red pillar and that effected my son and me a great deal, we didn't dare to speak a word.

I especially remember 10th anniversary. At the Hill of Apparitions visionaries had meeting with Blessed Virgin Mary that lasted approximately one hour. There were so many people that until 4 A.M. we couldn't climb down the hill and already at 8 A.M. I was back at at the Cross Hill. That is love!

A long time ago I traveled a part of the trip with train along with a dozen people, with whom I've patiently prayed a lot. At that occasion in Medjugorje at 3 A.M. we saw the Cross Hill all in stars, and at 11 A.M. the cross at the Cross Hill was all in light and appeared to move toward the church, toward us. We felt like standing right in front of the cross. There were many witnesses. This sight astounded us all.

Two weeks before Arena magazine published first article about Our Lady's appearance in Medjugorje, in my dream I saw a blue sheet waving from East, Mary with child in her hands and church with two towers. I sleepwalked toward the vision but husband waked me by asking where I was going, and I asked him why he ended such a beautiful dream of mine. I immediately wanted to leave for Medjugorje, but I couldn't travel for the next three years because my small child and it wasn't until 1984 when I visited Medjugorje.

When I was with pilgrims at visionary Vicka's place, with tears in my eyes I asked her for a blessing of my children. She came to me, put her hand on my head and said: "Pray for the souls in purgatory. Don't cry. Our Lady knows you well anyway." After Vicka's blessing I went to the Hill of Apparitions but was neither aware where I was going or how I wound up there. I just happened to find myself on the Hill. People were far away from me. I prayed the rosary aloud, all prayers I know and I know them a lot. Many children gathered around me. I didn't know why. A bit further there was sitting an older woman who asked me where I found those prayers. I told her about the book "Jesus, I believe in you" from which I learned those beautiful prayers. People started asking me to write them down for them and I was writing them for a full hour.

Traveling to Medjugorje during the war was taken with side roads and hundreds of kilometers further, but I never gave up. I always traveled with God and Mary. I was never left without rosary and prayer. I carried the rosary even to the operation room during bile operation. They took it away but at my request it was given back. My husband never took prayer away from me, never denied my trip to Medjugorje and I thank him for that. Our Lady of Medjugorje teaches us to pray for all of us, because we're all her children and everybody needs prayer and her protection. In my prayers with three Holly fathers I pray:
for all passengers, in air, in water, on land
for all dieing at this moment
for conversion of sinner
for peace in world
for my children, for children of my children
for all children around the world, healthy and sick, alive and dead
for all those who will be born so they don't die without Christening