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Even though I was raised a Christian, as school employee I wasn't allowed to exercise my faith, but I had it concealed somewhere. I was searching for love in different ways which where all wrong. I've read various books of philosophic, religious, psychological and Gnostic content. I made no distinction from many things. This is the way my life was until my age of 45. I think that Our Lady knew that was the last moment to stop me.

In 1985 some strange things started to occur. I met God in strange circumstances. While I was working in the garden I started to marvel and admire all the fruit, every spear of grass, every flower... How wonderful is God's work.

About the same time I experienced some other omens. Somebody gave me the Scripture. I started reading it. All the things that I realized shook me so much that I felt like God is talking to me. That lasted for couple of years and than the words that weren't mine started to come out of my mouth. They said to me: "Come closer to me." I realized it was the voice from Mary. But I didn't know where closer to go. Suddenly, in 1987, my brother came from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he lived for 40 years. I recognized his arrival as my call to Medjugorje. I knew a little bit about Medjugorje because I didn't know anyone who could tell me more about it. One day I decided to go there without telling anybody about it, because it wasn't advisable to talk about pilgrimage.

I went to Medjugorje and stayed for three days. The night before leaving I had strong and graphic dreams. When I woke up I was crying so much that everybody asked who was crying. I didn't realize I was doing it so loud. I dreamed three images that had shaken me so much. Whenever I think about them I got goose bumps. It's uncomfortable for me to even talk about it because images were very painful and personal. After that I asked myself: "God, what sin did I commit to have to suffer for it?" After those dreams I didn't read bad books because I realized where they are taking me.

When I came back from Medjugorje I've felt a strong need to gather people and pray with them. I wanted to pray for days but I didn't have anybody to pray with. I couldn't even go to my priest because I thought he wouldn't understand me. One day when I came from school, where I worked, I've heard a voice saying: "Pray". It was unbelievable. I tried to get a grip but the same voice told me again: "Pray". It didn't stop. Than I started to pray Hail Mary and the voice stopped. Later, I've heard the news on the radio that father killed his two children and wife. I was stoned. I knew I had to pray for the souls of those who died in violent death.

Although I wasn't very apt in prayers, the words were just coming out of my mouth. I said: "God, I know how to pray". In my thoughts, I was in church of Medjugorje. After short period I was consumed by warmth and peace in my heart. I continued to go to Medjugorje so I could purify my heart and my soul. During my confessions I prayed so that Mary's love would release me from Evil temptation. On one occasion, while I was traveling from Ljubljana to Medjugorje, I felt strong urge to embrace the whole Krizevac and the Cross. I didn't know where this love has come from, but it felt like it was here for the whole time. Each time I was in Medjugorje I had to buy crosses while others where buying Lady's statues and medallions. Even today I have the same urge.

Since the first day I came to Medjugorje my life has made a sudden change. I always feel like I'm in front of the gates of Heaven. All my actions are filtered through God's eyes. While the others found me strange, my mother was really happy to see me pray for other people with so much love. Here in Medjugorje I pray in silence. That already lasts for 15 years. All these feelings are calming down to the spiritual state of faith.

I visited this holy place so many times, but each time it feels like the first time. Our Lady nurtures each of us in a special way. Everybody needs a special lesson. Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje are connected through praying the Rosary. It connects and protects all of us. Satan can't hurt us if we always carry and pray the Rosary. We need to pray with our heart, not with our mouth. Our life changes with prayers. In prayers with God we realize that we have too much of everything, taking too much of our attention, so we don't have enough time for prayers and God.

While I'm in Medjugorje, not a single day passes that I don't go to Podbrdo or Krizevac, or attend the Holy Mass at the church. Day passes by with me not even noticing it. Here is so peaceful that I wish to stay forever. I feel that beautiful and real unity of the world is being born here. Thank you Mary for all of that. Thank you for visiting us for 27 years and for loving us all. Thank you for not doubting and for you tireless and sadless heart. Thank you Mary for healing us with your kindness and love.