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Unusual charismatic priest of Krk diocese, Rev. Zlatko Sudac, doesn't leave anybody indifferent with his preachings. His gaze, his talk, his prayer style are reflections of a man marked by Christ. Simply said, he's engulfed in Christ. When among us, we believe, suffer, forgive and love easier. With his humble service, in a special way he speaks of God's love and witnesses the beauty of God's kingdom. Rev. Sudac humbly points out he is just a priest and nothing more or less, and wants to serve his God and his people. He loves being a priest and is the happiest while working as a priest for goodness of people. He was born on January 24, 1971 in Rijeka. After highschool he enrolled at University of theology and became a priest in 1998. As a young priest he got stigmata in the form of cross, which happened right before Padre Pio's beatification. He's thankful to God for enourmous mercy and gifts he was given and prays for strenght to endure on his way of priest.

* You don't like giving attention to stigmata, but it seems like God wanted to use them as a way into history of your life.
- I enourmously loved God long before that, but I wanted to merge with Him and I think that's the deepest roud to spirituality. I believe God answered to my prayers with these gifts.

* On the holiday of St. Francis stigmata appeared again. Doctors were observing the appearances. What have they found out?
- They had no scientific explanation for them and they publicly declared that. All I can say is that stigmata aren't important like loving heart, submissiveness, obediency and chastity.

* Once you said that stigmata are kiss for your body?
- I'm trully in love with jesus Christ and possibly the best way to express it is saying that stigmata are kiss for my body. When somebody is overwhelmingly in love, then pain is close to human heart and yearning for God becomes one of the greatest pains of human life.

* When you pray, do you forward any special prayers to Mother Mary and Jesus? At seminars you don't always pray in the same fashion.
- When praying to Mary, she can't do anything else but forward it to Jesus Christ. She's fulfilled with God. I dare to say that praying to Mary is the safest way to Jesus Christ. When praying to Jesus Christ, it's like talking to my friend, but deeper and stronger. Mary is my mother, so gentle, so patient, she's a special feeling in the heart. I dedicated myself to the immaculate heart of Mary, according to St. Montfort's prayer.

* What prayer instructions you would give to believers?
- Everything can be a prayer if it comes from a praying, loving heart. When it's about prayer, the form of prayer one takes for himself, it should be a free choice for all of us. Someone will pray more to Mary, the others to God or will do it in more Christological, Christocentric way. Everybody will find something that fits their own personality. Prayer is our life force and it's developing during the lifetime. If one wants to have a successful life, I highly recommend prayer.

* What is your opinion about Marian apparitions?
- It's just one of confirmations that Mary cares about humanity and world salvation. Jesus came through Mary the first time. We await his second coming. I'm deeply assured Mary is the one Jesus will come through.

* Our Lady appears in Medjugorje for 28 years and spreads her messages. What do you think about it?
- Medjugorje is confessional of the world. Millions of people passed through it, people are conversing with God there, experience God, make life confessions, take sacraments... Those are the fruits, and Jesus clearly says: "By your fruit you will be recognized". I deeply believe Medjugorje is a holy place. Our Lady is patient and teaches us with her messages. Once she said: "If you won't come to me, I'll come to you". We are all God's Church and thank God for gathering us in Medjugorje.

* Do you think the Church will acknowledge Medjugorje like it did Fatima and Lourdes?
- It will take time for the Church to acknowledge Medjugorje. The Church always acts wise and tests the pulse of times, but it doesn't mean that Medjugorje isn't a holy place. Every church is a holy place, let alone Medjugorje which is visited by pilgrims from around the world.

* Today you've mentioned man is the center of man, and this can't be said for man of today, who lives hectic life of worries and turmoils.
- The time we live in is the time that doesn't comprehend sacrifice and doesn't accept renunciation. Man of today is lost in his desires and fast tempo of life, he alienates, becomes cold in the heart, hollow and frustrated. Because all of that we exploit each other, instead of sacrifising and confer each other. We can't be happy if we're looking only for our happines. We ought to be the ones who will give it. Then the happiness will find place in us.

* We know that Christ is the largest globalist and he went in positive direction. Today we're all a little bit afraid of globalization, though. Is it a threat to richness of diversity of civilised heritage on our planet?
- I agree Jesus is a globalist, but for common, little people. I see globalization as a huge threat because big ones swallow small ones. There is still no definition of that term. Does it mean heaving same army, same currency, wear same clothes, having same religion? Little people are spices of humanity and I fear they will suffocate in pressure of big ones.

* Your seminars are well attended. What themes you usually cover?
- At seminars I speak of everyday life themes like freedom, forgiveness, love, peace, I emphasize sacraments, Eucharist is ever present, I pray for health, give patients sacring, so with some preparation and seminars people can experience inversion of their hearts and take deep plunge into God. It's important when I tell people on seminars to throw themselves to Jesus' hug, to give him their lives and everything they love and live for.

* How do people experience it?
- I see people leaving with radiant faces. That's the most important thing. They experience God, leave their vices, release from many pressures. Currently I'm working with Homeland War veterans suffering from PTSD, who were depressed, on heavy medications and tried committing suicides. Those are people who feel completely abandoned and come from wrecked families. Their life is truly hard. They are deeply broken in spirit and are hard to work with. When they feel loved, that there is hope, they have a sense of new life awakening, then my heart is overjoyed. This is what I see on my seminars, where other healings happen, but that's less important to me. What is important to me is for human hearts to speak to God. When one meets God, one can't be without being internally splashed with the wave of love.

* It's not rare that during your preaching, while talking to the audience, you shed a tear or two?
- I like to immerse in the speech and I stand behind every word I say, which is quite normal when one does something out of love. A tear is here, the feeling too, because heart is alive. I love lively preaching. If a tear appeared, it is welcome.

* What do you think about media? Does the Church need to be afraid of contemporary world's challenge?
- The Church is called to answer world's challenges. It has a chance to accomplish evangelization with the help of media. Nowadays, every mean possible needs to be used to spread Gospel and God's word to everyone. The Church needs to cooperate with media and offer genuine Christianity, to offer God to people. People who work in media also search for the road to salvation, road to joy, road to peace and hope. And one who searches for those values will recognize them.

* Our readers eagerly await your message.
- To those who read Glas Mira magazine I send special greetings, let God bless them. I put them and their hearts in the heart of our good shepherd and in the wounds of Jesus Christ. Let them protect from every evil and let God's blessing be forever in all of you good people. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.