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Charming, polite, always smiling, our visionary Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo pleasantly welcomed me into her home, which was filled with holiday atmosphere. Symbols of Christmas are put with love in every corner. When she's found about the topic I wanted to discuss, she was thrilled and accepted the interview for "Glas mira" without hesitation.
You can surely guess that the topic was forthcoming holiday season, the time of happy expectation of birth of Jesus Christ, which to her is one of the most beautiful Church holidays. We were interested how Mirjana, as visionary and mother, prepares for Christmas festivities.
Visionary Mirjana had everyday apparitions until Christmas 1982, when she received the tenth secret. At that meeting Our Lady said to her that she would not have everyday apparitions, but would have special apparitions on March 18, as long as she lives. But since August 2, 1987, Mirjana had apparitions every second in the month and than she prays with Our Lady for those who still didn't meet God's love, for non believers, because Our Lady believes that there is "still" hope that we can do something for them. Apparitions, which she has every second in the month, happen in Cenacolo community with former addicts and for these meetings she says

- Here I feel beautiful because I think that they are born again, they are getting to know a life with Jesus Christ again and to get to know that life with Jesus Christ, they need a mother. This is why I feel beautiful there and they are grateful because they feel beautiful too. When I arrive there they already prepare everything with love. And what is most important to me is that anybody who feels the need can be present during the apparition.
On Christmas our hearts are open the most and than we are the readiest to accept the Light coming to us. Our Lady wants us to have that light always, and every second in the month She asks us to accept the light, to accept her Son because we can have everything material, but we don't have peace, we don't have Jesus Christ, we have nothing. This is what She teaches us: .

* Can we see if Our Lady announces Christmas in Her apparitions and prepares us for it?
- It can be felt. She recommends confession, prayer and good deeds. I feel that She wants us to be ready for the new birth of Jesus Christ, so Jesus would be born again in our hearts.

* While you talk, does She directly instruct you on Christmas?
- In my apparitions every second in the month, Our Lady directly talks about it. Now I can't tell you and reveal much, but there is so much pain and suffering in the world and there is still so many of those who didn't meet God's love, so She is occupied with that, She wants people to convert so they would meet God today not tomorrow, because tomorrow is too late. She discreetly, as I understood, but it doesn't need to be that way, asks for Jesus to be born in our hearts, today, not to wait December 25th.

* How do you interpret Christmas to the pilgrims and how do you experience it personally?
- I know that Easter is the biggest Christian holiday and I know that we are saved through Jesus Christ, but Christmas is something beautiful, something for the family. Maybe because Jesus is small, because He is just born and as a baby reminds us of tenderness, protection, you want to take Him and carry Him to your home. This is why Christmas is something that I await it with my family in prayer and fast, so our hearts would be more open and happier to baby Jesus. So He doesn't need to pound too long on our hearts, just to touch it and hearts would open. This is what I'm trying to teach my children. I don't think that gifts are bad, because we were given Jesus, but I think that gifts shouldn't overrule the spiritual. Spiritual should be in the first place, then gifts can also be the symbol of Christmas, a small thing that shows we think about others and they think about us.

* In what kind of surroundings do you celebrate Christmas, do you have any wishes while awaiting?
- Because of apparitions, how would I say, I grew up with Our Lady. I can't, maybe it is funny and it isn't nice to say, but I can't expect something ordinary people would. The most beautiful gift to me would be to see Our Lady without tears on her face, to wipe them with our prayer, all of us to follow Her son. Every second in the month, I look at that sad face and it hurts me. I would love the most if everybody accepted Jesus, and for sadness to go away from the face of our Mother.

* How does your family prepare for Christmas?
- First I like to clean everything, to the tiniest detail. I tell children that Jesus is coming and on that day the house has to be special. Then we joyfully throw ourselves at cleaning. We decorate the house, put branches and flowers at designated spaces. We leave decorating of the Christmas tree to our little girls' tiny hands, even if sometimes it doesn't turn perfect. We place the cradle below the tree, but place baby Jesus in it only when Christmas comes, not earlier. This is how we teach our children spiritual delight, so everything is not completely commercialized. Without spiritual delight, Christmas ends at opening a gift and "thanks, you didn't have to" line. I want my family to spiritually experience baby Jesus because only then they will feel the charm of Christmas.
A few days earlier I start baking food and cookies, and at grandmother's place we get yet another cake to fill our bowls with various colorful treats. Usually we spend Christmas with my and Marko's parents. We spend lunch with one parents and supper with another. It's really important for children to feel the bond and respect with elders. I want my children to be able to do something for old and helpless, bringing them a little joy.

* What would your scenario for Christmas look like?
- In my scenario there would be a lot of praying. I would ask God to send me the Holy Spirit so he could help me do whatever He asks from me, so I could do what is good. This means that I would pray a lot and fast because through prayer and fast comes spirituality.
I experience Christmas days very deeply because I experience them with Our Lady. I cry a lot because I put myself in Her place, so I think how was it for Her, how much faith She had in God, how much She gave Herself to Him, without asking why and how? Then, as a woman I put myself in Her place, which isn't so easy for men, all that suffering She went through, giving a birth, night, mother's fear, I live all that with Her and I suffer. God, how was it for Her?
The next day I am thrilled because everything is over. Our Lady is happy, She gave birth to a healthy boy, She did what God asked from Her, because of that I am also happy and I am looking forward to Christmas and a little baby.

* Thank you so much on this kind wards and this pleasant conversation.
- Thank you for spreading Her messages, because She said hundred times that She needs apostles. She's chosen us for visionaries, but you need to be an apostle of those messages, living and being exemplary. So there is no need for you to thank me, than I must thank you, but the best is that we all say thank you to Mother of God and dear God for sending Her.